A new chapter for gastronomy: Institut Lyfe partners with TUMO to revolutionize culinary education

Institut Lyfe
Executive Education

In a pioneering initiative in the field of Culinary Arts education, Institut Lyfe, known for its expertise in managing Culinary Arts, Pastry, Hospitality, and Wine & Beverage professions, joins forces with TUMO, a prominent center for creative technologies based in Armenia, to establish an innovative international culinary school.


This unique collaboration merges TUMO’s distinctive pedagogical innovation, focused on technology and creative design, with the expertise and globally recognized reputation of the Institut Lyfe Executive Education teams, responsible for professional training and international pedagogical engineering development. This strategic alliance represents a significant milestone in culinary education, offering a unique learning experience to future gastronomy professionals.


The aim of this new school, scheduled to open in Gyumri, Armenia, in 2026, is to push the boundaries of traditional culinary education. By integrating TUMO’s innovative methods, focused on technology and creativity, with Institut Lyfe’s proven expertise in French culinary education, this initiative aims to train a generation of gastronomy professionals ready to tackle the challenges of the modern industry.


Beyond its impact on culinary education, this project is also a significant contribution to Armenia’s economic and cultural development. By providing an innovative learning platform, this collaboration fosters the emergence of local and international talents, thus strengthening the country’s gastronomic reputation.


This partnership embodies the importance of innovation and cultural exchange in the gastronomy field. By joining forces, TUMO and Institut Lyfe are committed to redefining the standards of culinary education, paving the way for a future where cultural diversity and innovation are at the heart of global gastronomy.


“This collaboration with TUMO represents a crucial step in our mission at Institut Lyfe: to transform culinary arts education by adapting our teaching methods to the aspirations of new generations. Our goal is to prepare future chefs and managers to excel in an ever-changing world while preserving the excellence of French gastronomy,” said Dominique Giraudier, CEO of Institut Lyfe.

This groundbreaking initiative reflects Institut Lyfe’s and TUMO’s ongoing commitment to innovation, cultural diversity, and excellence in culinary education.