The transmission of gestures, words and knowledge is the very foundation of the Institut Lyfe Executive Education. Led by Chefs, Barmen, Maîtres d’Hôtel from the Institut Lyfe (formerly Institut Paul Bocuse) as well as by Professional Experts with exceptional backgrounds, it promises technicality, skills and follow-up to project leaders. Participants learn from the experience of these specialists, listen to their advice and share unique moments.

Our teaching method is based on the solid network and ecosystem of the Institut Lyfe. Thanks to its Research Centre and its international scope, clients benefit from a privileged link with a number of Professionals, Chefs and Experts who provide them with personalised, trustworthy and demanding support in order to meet the expectations and needs of each individual.

In our kitchen and pastry laboratories, our service and hotel areas, the practical exercises meet precise educational objectives. With real-life situations and state-of-the-art equipment, our Executive Education Centre strives every day to place its trainees in optimal conditions in order to guarantee an innovative professional experience as well as in-depth and human learning.

OUR certifications

Our executive education centre obtained Qualiopi quality certification on 20 November 2020. The Qualiopi mark allows us to certify the quality of our processes for the development of skills and to access public and mutualised funds.

Qualiopi referent: Mrs Dominique BRUNET

Logo H+In October 2021 the Institut Lyfe Executive Education obtained the H+ label. This label, awarded by the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region in partnership with Agefiph, attests to our qualitative approach to welcoming and supporting disabled people in training.

H+ referent: Mrs Dominique BRUNET