Excellence Training for Groupe Altitude :
Providing a Premium Customer Experience

Institut Lyfe
Executive Education

Since its inception in 2003, Groupe Altitude has placed customer experience at the core of its concerns. As the automotive industry evolves towards new distribution models, the group aims to maintain a high-level customer service. In pursuit of this goal, the company sought the expertise of the Institut Lyfe Executive Education to create an innovative training program for its teams centered around customer experience, drawing inspiration from the codes of the hotel and restaurant industry. The objective is to equip its employees with tools and strengthen their skills, know-how, and interpersonal abilities to tackle future challenges.

The training is structured around three key areas:

  1. Customer Service Awareness
  2. Understanding the Customer Journey
  3. Differentiating the Customer Experience

It unfolds in two stages:

Stage 1: Director Training

A strategic working session brought together all of the group’s directors to foster cohesion around the training project within the context of a strategic shift.

Stage 2: Immersion for Employees

One hundred employees, divided into small groups, undergo immersion training at the Institut Lyfe Executive Education and its practical locations. The goal is to raise awareness of the customer experience in a premium environment and develop the necessary skills for its implementation.

This customized program for Groupe Altitude is characterized by its hands-on approach, innovative learning methods, and the participation of an experienced trainer in communication, team management, and change management.