Final Exam
for Pâtisserie & Horizon

Institut Lyfe
Executive Education

After 5 weeks of training in pastry alongside Chef Charles Liets, the trainees of our programme “Pâtisserie & Horizon” performed their final exam in front of a jury made up of professionals and non professionals:

  • Maxime Dorner, Co-Manager at Dorner Frères
  • Arnaud Montrobert, Pastry Chef Instructor at the Institut Paul Bocuse Saisons* Restaurant
  • Marvin Brandao, Manager at Alma
  • Anna Gavoille, Educational Engineer at the Institut Paul Bocuse Executive Education Centre

From left to right: Anna Gavoille, Marvin Brandao, Charles Liets, Arnaud Montrobert, Maxime Dorner

For this exam the trainees have been assessed both on the presentation and tasting of their pastries, their creativity and the organisation of their production. They had the opportunity to use the different techniques they learned durant the course in order to design a buffet with their creations and then discuss individually with the members of the jury.