Accor Group Training:
Vegetables, Legumes and Cereals

Institut Lyfe
Executive Education

As part of a tailor-made training for the ACCOR group, we had the pleasure of welcoming eight Chefs for a three-day program around vegetables, legumes and cereals.

Their first day started alongside Jean-Luc Botti, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Primeur, who opened them the doors of the Marché de Gros Lyon-Corbas to meet producers and wholesalers of the region. They were able to learn more about the cultivation of walnuts, cardoon, apples and many more fruits and vegetables. Then they set off to discover the watercress farm in Marennes, where they were able to visit the farm and discuss with the producer. Two visits focused around knowledge and passion for the product.

Their training continued in the kitchen alongside our Chef Jean-Paul Naquin and Nicolas Tête, Doctor in Science and Dietician-Nutritionist, to discover new recipes and techniques and perfect their knowledge of the products in order to be able to offer in their etablishment a balanced and attractive vegetarian offer that respects the nutritional intakes of vegetable proteins, starches and legumes.

Examples of worked recipes:

  • Pillow of cauliflower and vegetable shavings
  • Acquerello risotto with saffron
  • Vegetable curry, pineapple, cashew nuts and coriander