Pride of place to Uruguay at the Institut Paul Bocuse!

Institut Lyfe
Executive Education

Young chefs and pâtissier from Uruguay spent a fortnight at the Institut Paul Bocuse to follow a programme on French gastronomy. It was a dream come true for these young men and women from the hospitality profession. For them the secrets of French patisserie and cuisine were placed within reach. 

Why is the whole world interested in the culinary arts? Why is the French way of life we’re so attached to systematically export itself so proudly to every corner of the world and among professionals of all ages?

These young chefs had a hunger for learning and a desire to discover the immense garden of France and our love of produce cultivated by hundreds of farmers, breeders and food artisans… The Chefs of the Institut Paul Bocuse instilled in them a culture of respect for the product and enhancement of the authentic flavour emanating from their very essence.

They came to find the inspiration they needed to renew their menus, develop their creativity and enjoy the unique experience of reaching out and sharing at the Institut Paul Bocuse.