Pâtisserie & Passion


Our “Pâtisserie & Passion” program opens the doors to the technicalities and delicacy of French pastry, under the expert guidance of our Pastry Chef. This three-week experience, far beyond a simple initiation, combines pastry demonstrations and practical applications.

Guided by the Chef, each week will revolve around step-by-step pastry techniques. You will discover the secrets and subtleties of French pastry, enabling you to create delicious and aesthetic desserts. This sweet adventure is an opportunity to express and unveil your creativity.

This program is provided by the École de Cuisine Gourmets by Institut Lyfe.

Charles Liets

Pastry Chef, Instructor & Consultant at Institut Lyfe

Duration: 3 weeks-105 hours

Dates: From April 15th to May 3rd 2024
From Novembre 04th to 22th 2024

Number of participants: 8 to 10

Price: €6,300 including VAT-€5,250.50 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

Mastering essential pastry techniques, from basics to the most complex recipes.


This program is designed for both pastry enthusiasts eager to discover the secrets of French pastry and improve their skills, as well as those destined to become future professionals.

Programme provided in English .


Week 1: «Delicacies» :  the great classics of French pastry.

  • Learning basic pastry techniques (preparing for advanced techniques).
  1. Classic French tarts
  2. Travel cakes
  3. Entremets
  4. All about choux pastry
  5. Classic plated desserts

Week 2: «Sweetness» : perfecting classic french pastries with a touch of modernity.

  • Revisiting fundamental techniques for better mastery and creating recipes with more contemporary, less sweet preparations.
  1. Fruit tarts
  2. Chocolate and caramel
  3. All about fruits
  4. Choux encore
  5. Petit fours on the buffet

Week 3: «Refinement» : French pastry at its peak: delicacy and precision.

  • During the final week, each participant increasingly works independently and discovers revisited recipes and modern pastries in lighter, more complex versions.
  1. Contemporary tarts
  2. Back to childhood
  3. Modern entremets and their delights
  4. Revisited classic
  5. Discovering Lyon’s pastry chefs: you’ll be guided on a gourmet tour of Lyon to taste exceptional creations and meet passionate artisans.