Operating Licence


The « Operating Licence » training programme will provide you with a solid knowledge and understanding of the specific operating characteristics of a licensed premises.

The aim is to make operators aware of and responsible for the specific obligations relating to the sale of alcohol, by providing them with all the information relating to the legislative, regulatory and case law standards that apply to them.

This training is carried out in partnership with UMIH Formation.

Duration: 2.5 days-17.5 hours

Dates: From January 24th to 26th 2024

Number of participants: 8 to 14

Requirements: Have the project to open or take over an establishment.
Be able to speak and read French.

Price: €565 including VAT-€470.83 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

This training course will equip you with a solid knowledge and understanding of the characteristics of running a licensed premises, and will raise your awareness of the specific obligations associated with the sale of alcohol, by providing you with all the necessary information on the legislative, regulatory and case law standards.

Target audience

This learning module is intended for uture operators, business start-ups, takeovers of hotels-cafes-restaurants-discotheques, bed and breakfast establishments on the occasion of the opening, transformation, conversion or transfer of a licence.
Programme provided in French only.


Presentation of the legal and regulatory framework

  • Sources of law and their application
  • Provisions relating to bars in the public health code
  • Administrative and judicial organisation
  • General and special administrative police

Conditions for opening licensed premises

  • Conditions linked to the licence and the person
  • Pre-opening declarations
  • The duration of a licence
  • Temporary licenced premises

Operating requirements

  • The establishment and its operations
  • Public health and public order: requirements in terms of protection
  • Closure decisions and administrative and legal closures
  • Local regulations
  • Entertainment in the premises and obligations
  • Civil and criminal liability of the managers