Hygiene and Safety
in Restaurant Businesses


Improve the control of food hygiene and safety in restaurant businesses for improved customer protection.

Duration: 2 days-14 hours

Dates: From January 22th to 23th 2024

Number of participants: 8 to 14

Requirements: Work in the food service: kitchen, restaurant dining room, distribution, management...
Be able to speak and read French.

Price: €520 including VAT-€433.33 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

  1. Develop an awareness of the issues related to food hygiene and safety, for customers, staff and the business itself
  2. Acquire the knowledge necessary to understand the rules of good practice
  3. Be able to put into practice the knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills necessary to ensure food hygiene and safety

Target audience

This learning module is intended for anyone working in a restaurant other than a collective catering structure.
Programme provided in French only.


Food and consumer risks

  • Introduction to the concept of danger and risk
  • Bacterial dangers
  • Other potential dangers

The basics of EU and national regulations

  • The basics of EU and national regulations
  • Notions of declaration, approval, exemption from approval requirements
  • Food product hygiene (current EU regulations)
  • The current law relating to the health rules applicable to retail trade activities
  • Official controls

The health & safety control plan

  • Best Hygiene Practices (BPH)
  • The principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Verification measures (self-checks and record-keeping)
  • The Best Hygiene Practice Guides (GBPH) of specific sectors of activity