Healthy Cooking


Faced with increasing concerns about general well-being, today it seems perfectly natural to put healthy cooking on your restaurant’s menu. A cuisine that is easy to digest, light cuisine, nutritionally interesting, high in color and flavor, sometimes inspired by cuisines from elsewhere.

You’ll discover the principles behind preparing healthy food and we’ll teach you the rules so that you yourself can offer your clients healthy eating.

Jean-Paul Naquin

Head Chef, Instructor & Consultant at Institut Lyfe

Duration: 4 days-28 hours

Number of participants: 6 to 10

Requirements: Experience in the world of culinary arts.

Price: €1,815 including VAT-€1,512.5 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

  1. Make broths, juices, waters, low in fat and tasty
  2. Make adapted cooking that preserves the properties nutritional foods
  3. Use bindings by the vegetable puree

Target audience

This programme is designed for professional kitchen managers, chefs, line chefs, and commis chefs.
Programme provided in French only.


  • The importance of the visual and the importance of taste
  • Broth: one of the basics of well-being cuisine, aromatic broths, tasty and poor in fat
  • Seasonings: sous-vide technology for scented oils, water fragrant
  • Techniques and cooking: control the binding by the puree of vegetables, to associate land and sea products, play on contrasts flavors / textures / colors
  • Alternative cooking – substitute products: how to replace gluten in the recipes
  • Suggest alternatives to butter: to reduce saturated fatty acids in the plates
  • Use different sweeteners in desserts and pastries
  • Discover and work gelling, texturising, thickening, emulsifiers of plant origin