Plated Desserts


Petits fours, individual desserts, revisited classics, snacks and travel fare, chocolates and sweets… these are the culinary gems created through the Michelin-starred art of gourmet patisserie.

The “Contemporary Plated Desserts” programme develops your creativity and culinary identity by imparting a perfect command of patisserie basics that will brighten up your dessert menu.

Product esteem and selection, recipe trials, new taste creations and launch management… you’ll find out all there is to know. You’ll also learn to anticipate and better satisfy your customers’ expectations.

Charles Liets

Pastry Chef, Instructor & Consultant at Institut Lyfe

Duration: 4 days-28 hours

Number of participants: 6 to 10

Requirements: Experience in the art of patisserie.

Price: €1,730 including VAT-€1,441.67 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

  1. Perfecting techniques to make contemporary pastries
  2. Implement the techniques and knowledge that free the imagination, develop efficiency and reinforce creativity

Target audience

This competency development programme is intended for chefs and restaurant patissiers.
Programme provided in English.


  • Choice of chords and desserts
  • Work on textures, hot and cold temperatures
  • Elaboration of different biscuits, creamy, ice cream, sorbets, jellies, emulsions
  • Management of the implementation of the elements for an optimal responsiveness
  • Storage and conservation of products
  • Dressage and staging of desserts on the plate
  • Presentation of desserts to customers
  • Approach and study of the tasting