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Your Own Restaurant


Just one step from the dream to reality…

The chain restaurant sector is a fascinating one with an increasingly demanding clientele. To satisfy your customers, your personality must be expressed through self-fulfilment and self-assertion.

Beyond the compulsory operating licence, you are not required by law to have any specific qualifications to open and manage your own restaurant. As a result, half of the restaurants in France close their doors before the end of their third business year. This is often due to a lack of competency in management techniques and the tricks of the catering trade.

This observation led us to propose specialist learning modules that impart both entrepreneurial expertise and the techniques of applied management.

Duration: 16 weeks Full course: 521 hours Entrepreneurship and management course: 245 hours

Dates: From August 26th to December 20th 2024

Number of participants: 8 to 10

Full course price: €17,880 including VAT-€14,900 excluding VAT

Entrepreneurship and management course price: €9,990 including VAT-€8,250 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

Command of the business creation process

  • Build or enrich your business creation or takeover project
  • Prepare the key steps for your opening: administrative procedures, regulations relating to buildings that open to the public, approvals and licencing

Operational launch of the business project

  • Identification of production needs and rationalisation of tools
  • Competency in management techniques is essential to the exploitation of any type of restaurant
  • Understand food hygiene and good practices in chain restaurants
  • Interpretation of rules, service and French know-how

Winning and retaining customers

  • Identification of the market and implementation of an effective marketing approach
  • Marketing strategies, winning and retaining customers
  • Digital communication and social media

Driving and analysing the restaurant’s performance in human and business terms

  • Management tools to ensure the durability of your restaurant
  • Good management techniques to recruit, mobilise and develop your team
  • Awareness of good sustainable development practices to become a sustainable restaurateur

Target audience

This career retraining programme is designed for managers and employees from the services sector or industrial companies as well as independent specialists, artisans, retailers and more generally anyone with entrepreneurial ambitions in the hospitality industry. It is also destined for hospitality specialists keen to create their own business or to take over an existing one.
Programme provided in French only.


To adapt to the experience and profile of each participant, this intensive qualification programme comes in two tailored packages:

  • Full course
  • Entrepreneurship and management course only

Entrepreneurship and management learning module

245 hours of theory

  • Construction of the restaurant business creation or takeover project: market study, management fundamentals and business plan
  • Marketing, the restaurateur’s performance lever: analysis of key success factors, defining an offer and advertising
  • Licencing
  • Organisation and equipment: kitchen facilities and layout
  • Regulations relating to buildings that open to the public
  • Human resources management
  • Sustainable development and responsible restaurant management
  • F&B management

Culinary arts & Food service techniques learning module

276 hours of applied learning

  • Cuisine fundamentals: basic techniques
  • Introduction to pastry
  • Food hygiene in chain restaurants
  • Basics of the art of hospitality
  • Real-world situations

Three-fold expertise

Our learning programme meets the needs of a sector in full evolution. The forward-looking Institut Lyfe Executive Education (formerly Institut Paul Bocuse Executive Education Centre) has chosen to combine its expertise with that of two key partners who each shed their essential light on the projects of our programme participants:

This union of three specialist institutions places pedagogical excellence, tailored coaching and competency development solutions within your reach.

The training course in figures*

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