We’ll familiarise you with the codes and values associated with the different generations who make up your workforce, focusing on the profiles of Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y. 

This course will enable you to develop your intergenerational communication skills and build a team spirit among your workforce that respects each generation’s work style and cultivates their differences.

Duration: 2 days-14 hours

Dates: Contact us

Number of participants: 10 to 14

Requirements: Staff supervision or management.

Price: €1,350 including VAT-€1,125 excluding VAT

Expected outcomes

  • Getting to know your team and setting up an intergenerational collaborative system
  • Adopting the right attitude to handle intergenerational conflict

Target audience

This learning module is intended for managers and team leaders working in the hospitality industry.
Programme provided in French only.


  • Profiles of 3 generations: seniors, X and Y down to the Millenials
  • Codes and values associated with each generation
  • The right communication for each generation
  • Incentive, stimulation and acknowledgement
  • Developing team spirit through mindfulness of individual differences
  • The “Mix’Age” approach or adjusting to work situations with staff from different generations and cultures